King's Day 2016

King’s Day, formerly Princess Day and Queen’s Day, is a national public holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in honour of the head of state. This means a day off for most employees in all parts of the Kingdom, and it is celebrated with various festivities including street markets and the wearing of orange clothes. Traditionally the monarch pays a ceremonial visit to one or more municipalities in the Kingdom on this day. 2013 was the last year in which the public holiday was celebrated on 30 April as Queen’s Day.
Since 2014 the day has been called King’s Day and is held on 27 April, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander.

InterStage supplies the various podia for different clients throughout the country on King’s Day.
This year we were represented in Groningen, Enschede, Gouda, Leeuwarden, Rotterdam and Zwolle (5 locations).


Opdrachtgever Groningen:        Add Light

Opdrachtgever Gouda:             Grand Canyon

Opdrachtgever Zwolle:             Niek van der Sprong  


Opdrachtgever Kingdance:      High Energy Events   




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