Flat Roofsystems

A flat roof system is characterised by a level roof construction. This type can also be constructed in a transparent variant. Common to all our roof systems is that they can bear high roof loads. Every setup has its own package of demands, such as format, maximum roof load and form. We can supply a roof system for every budget and package of demands.

The substructure is constructed from Layher scaffolding material + stage beam profiles, coupled together they form the floor construction. Special frames are integrated into this floor construction. These frames have a tower integration and a ballast system. Together with the floor construction, this serves as ballast to prevent tipping or shifting of the construction.


The stage covering is made from Prolyte aluminium trusses. The basis is formed by Prolyte H40V trusses supported by 4 towers. The towers are built on the special frames in the floor construction.


The construction is completed by tarpaulins. The roof tarpaulins are permanently installed, the side and rear wall tarpaulins can be removed.


The whole stage covering is built on the floor construction. The stage covering is raised using manual chain hoists and a special lifting block in the ground support.

In the final position, the ground support is fixed by means of a steel pin.

The construction is braced by means of winch systems in the side walls and the rear wall.

InterStage supplies two types of flat roof system:



Floor:                                    Stage beam 8.28m x 8.28m +1.60m

Roof:                                    8.00m x 9.40m x 6.00m. UDL: 2550kg

Finishing:                            black skirting, 1 stair.



Floor:                                    stage beam 11.90m x 8.28m

Roof:                                    12.00m x 9.40m +6.00m. UDL: 2550kg

Finishing:                            black skirting, 1 stair.

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