Design Safety

We give the highest priority to design safety. We work in accordance with NEN-8020-50 and 51.

This documentation describes how we guarantee that. Common to all our roof systems is that they can bear high roof loads. Every setup has its own package of demands, such as format, maximum roof load and form. We can supply a roof system for every budget and package of demands.


The consequences of falling. slipping or collapsing constructions can be very serious. You can’t image what the consequences are if this happens in the presence of a partying crowd. Unfortunately we know enough examples of this at home and abroad.


We give the highest priority to design safety. This means that we give consideration to the legislation and play our part in the drawing up of new legislation. The constructions that we build are delivered with technical documentation. This documentation describes how we guarantee the design safety.


We have the technical know-how in-house to be able to determine the safety of constructions. Using AutoCAD we then make a model of the construction in order to subsequently carry out the necessary calculations with fictitious values.


These technical calculations then show whether it is necessary, for example, to add extra ballast to a construction. Furthermore it can be necessary to remove parts exposed to the wind such as decorations and scrims under certain weather conditions. This is all described in the technical documentation.


The weather conditions can suddenly change during an event. We are subscribed to Meteoconsult so that we can give very reliable weather forecasts 24 hours a day. If these forecasts indicate that critical values will be reached or exceeded, we have a meteorological service monitor the area and keep you up to date on the situation.

We install a windmeter on our constructions that can be easily read off by everyone involved via Internet.


In short, if a construction is not safe, it’s not a construction from InterStage

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