Concert at Sea

Pop down to the Zeeland beach with a group of friends. Stand at the front with your favourite artist. Lie on the dam with a beer and something nice to eat. A ride on the big wheel with a cocktail in your hand watching the sun set.

In the meantime there’s more to experience at Concert at Sea than at a normal music festival. There’s plenty to laugh about with the regular presenters Viggo Waas, Joep van Deutekom and Peter Heerschop van NUHR, and every year there is something quite different. Street theatre acts drive, walk and fly over the site and there is a wide choice of food and drink, focussing in particular on the specialities from the Zeeland region.

“We are very proud of what we have put together on the Brouwersdam in the last few years,” says Paskal Jakobsen. “We have been able to attract some great artists to our podium. The absolute top Dutch acts such as Anouk, Guus Meeuwis, Marco Borsato, Ilse DeLange and Kane. Our good friends from Counting Crows and foreign guests such as Lenny Kravitz, Passenger, Bastille, Maria Mena, K’s Choice and Tom Chaplin (Keane) have been to play here.”

Concert at Sea is praised by the visitors for the cosy and relaxed atmosphere on the festival site. According to Jakobsen, that is attributable not only to the fantastic location of the festival.

“A few years ago it seemed a good idea to us to make Concert at Sea a two-day event. That has worked out really well and the festival has become a real destination. More and more people are choosing to stay and enjoy a few days in Zeeland. They come earlier or stay slightly longer and sleep on a camp site or book the bungalow arrangement. The atmosphere on the site is the same, very relaxed, everyone is open to experiencing nice things and has the feeling of being on holiday.”

Concert at Sea has been staged on the Brouwersdam since 2006.

Since the 1st edition, InterStage has been responsible for supplying all the constructions for an attractive festival site that has grown into a sell-out 2-day event. The festival is celebrated for its cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

The main podium is the Spaceroof IS620, 55 metres wide and 20 metres deep, and attached to it is a Saddled Roof IS175 that is 18 metres wide and 12 metres deep. One construction that is also erected here every year is the 28 metre high lighthouse. Various elevated VIP decks and free span for the bars below, large public stairways, decorative towers, entrance constructions, viewing decks for tent constructions, entrance constructions, barriers, backstage village, terraces, etc., etc.

Client:                           Agents After All / Bløf
Technical Producer:       Tintaan BV
Aftermovie 2015: 

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